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No more jelly pics says Beyoncé

July 13, 2009

Beyoncé at her I AM... show

Beyoncé at her I AM... show

The Diva herself, Beyoncé Knowles, has now placed a rigid rule for the rest of her tour, “I Am … Sasha Fierce”, NY Daily News reports: No one can shoot her from behind.

A ban on the bootylicious pics? Very Interesting. An insider reports, “Beyoncé’s costumes are so tiny and her choreography is so complicated that inevitably she sweats. It looks pretty gross, so no one is allowed to shoot her from that particular angle anymore.”

I thought she only sweats money. I think we all learned something here today.


2 thoughts on “No more jelly pics says Beyoncé

  1. priya

    i really wish she’d stop dressing in this style. with those curves, something more feminine and classy would look so much better.

  2. shyema Post author

    You gotta admit…she has nice legs though…but agree, she can def do without certain outfits, like the mermaid style

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