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I heart nail art.

July 17, 2009

I went to a private school in the suburbs of Chicago, and there was a point during 8th grade where I was coming in every single day with a different nail color and DIY design. It was so much fun, and I’d always experiment with odd colors: green with black stripes; white with red polka dots; orange nailbeds and hot pink tips. It eventually caught the teachers’ attention, so they sent out a note home that nail polish is no longer allowed during school hours. That sucked.

So, when I saw my cousin Sabeen’s nails today, it totally conjured up memories of my short stint of nail polish creativity.

sabeen's nail art: magenta, brown, and black stripes

sabeen's nail art: magenta, brown, and black stripes

I LOVE this. Subtle colors but still statement-making. What do you think? Do you ever paint nail designs too?


9 thoughts on “I heart nail art.

  1. shyema Post author

    You know what I just realized?? I was PINING for this DKNY jersey wrap dress that was made up on the exact same colors!! too bad it was sold out — i still randomly look for it online…sabeen, i’m gonna have to ask you to do my nails if i ever find it!

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  3. Melissa C.

    i always do!! these are amazing! oh and could u put some video tutorials on ur nail designs? thx!

  4. shyema Post author

    Hey Melissa! Thanks for your comment — I’ll definitely incorporate more tutorials…Sabeen’s the expert, so let’s see if we can get her to do some? For this one, she used regular Scotch tape to make the lines perfectly straight.

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