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Cheeseburger slider from New York Burger Co.

July 23, 2009

Mini Cheeseburger, $3

Mini Cheeseburger, $3

I stopped by New York Burger Co. on a random walk, and decided to go for a slider to just get a taste…I mean, they were so cheap, they start at $2.75, and $3 for the cheeseburger. The menu also says they use all natural angus beef, and was voted best burger by NYC AOL City Guide 2007. I got a cheeseburger with swiss.

I don’t know how appetizing this looks to you guys, but I come bearing bad news: it wasn’t all that.

It didn’t really taste like anything to be honest. Good news is, Shake Shack is right around the corner!

Restaurant Info:
New York Burger Co.
303 Park Ave. South
btw 23rd and 24th


4 thoughts on “Cheeseburger slider from New York Burger Co.

  1. priya

    exactly how many burgers do you eat in a week?! i’m convinced you’d even have them for breakfast if you could!

  2. shyema Post author way too many…i’m craving them all the time now…sabrina, my friend just told me i ordered the wrong thing…apparently the chicago slider is the way to time — and with more pictures!

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