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The sweet stuff in Canada

July 27, 2009

Hi all,

Sorry for the slow start. JetBlue decided they wanted to cancel our flight, and we ended up driving back to NYC. Needless to say, my brain needed some time to start working today. But all is good!

First of all, can I just tell you how much I loved our view of Niagara Falls from our hotel room at the Sheraton on the Falls?

Our view!

Our view!

Though, the first thing we did wasn’t actually going to see the Falls. Instead, we got Honey Crullers from Tim Hortons.


This was decidedly marked as the main sugary treat for the rest of the trip. They weren’t my favorite doughnuts, but I have to say, their coffee (more specifically their iced ones) were REALLY good. Next time, I’d go straight for their cappuccino.

When we eventually made our way towards the Maid of the Mist boat for our torrential ride through the waterfalls, my friend Miral escaped for a minute to get some blue raspberry flavored ice shavings. I never knew her love for pretty ice treats until this trip.


Later, we stopped at The Fudge Factory candy store where I stole some bites of an M&M brownie from my friend. It was more fun to look at than eat to be real.


Andddd this is where I ended up the next morning…

gym at the sheraton

gym at the sheraton

It wasn’t all that rough.

Restaurant Info:

Tim Hortons & The Fudge Factory both on the restaurant row in Clifton Hills.


2 thoughts on “The sweet stuff in Canada

  1. zayan

    wow, theres a gym with a view of Niagara Falls. i would go to canada just to stay in that hotel =)

  2. Yasmin

    Timmies Iced Caps are the best things about that place. Next time, try Nanaimo bars! They’re my favorite.

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