A little mascara trivia

I was reading about the origins of mascara and found some interesting tidbits:

  • Mascara dates back as far as the 3400 BC, where the Ancient Egyptians blended kohl, crocodile dung, honey and water. For reals.
  • It is said to have been applied to ward off evil spirits and the ‘evil eye’.
  • The first packaged mascara was made by Maybelline in the late 1800s. They created a cake mascara using petroleum jelly. Instead of a tube, it was a creamy solid mixed by a wand to apply.
  • So why the history lesson? Until recently, I had never seen these cake mascaras. That was, until a visit to MakeUpMania on the LES, a little makeup lover’s dream boutique.

    I was getting my makeup done by Tyrisha there, and instead of a tube mascara, she whipped out a cake mascara made by La Femme.

    La Femme Cake Mascara, $6.50
    La Femme Cake Mascara, $6.50

    So what you do is, wet the brush a little (or just add a couple drops of water directly to the mascara), and mix it until the brush is covered. Then apply to your lashes.

    Besides the recessionista-friendly price (only $6.50), using a cake mascara has a couple more benefits:

    It’s much more hygenic. We all know our eye makeup is especially vulnerable to bacteria, and the tube design of most don’t help that. This is easier to clean and keep germ-free.

    Easier to layer. With most mascaras, it’s hard to build volume. But with these, you can layer on and build upon coats to the amount you want without clumping. If you want it more natural looking, it can just give your eyes a subtle lift too. It’s easy to control that way.

    It’s just cool to say you’re using vintage mascara (minus the crocodile dung).

    Just spreading the knowledge. You can check it out on MakeupMania’s website here.



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    1. Jess B. wrote:

      definitely can’t wait to try

      Posted 7.30.09
    2. narima wrote:

      thanx love the idea of cake mascara brilliant like you wrote hygenic and less headache cos you never know how much is left– etc etc—-

      Posted 7.30.09
    3. Thanks for the history lesson.
      I hate to tell you this, but that’s the way mascara came when I first started wearing it in the 60’s! Thank God for the wand!!!

      Posted 8.4.09