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Why this cheesecake is so special

July 30, 2009

havana room

Cuz you probably won’t ever see it unless you’re a (likely cigar-loving) member of the private club, Grand Havana Room (no, I’m not. I wish I was that important). I wonder what the hazing process is like actually.

My friend said it was creamy and not too overwhelming — even the raspberry sauce which he normally doesn’t like was good. Perfect end to a lobster meal.

Sorry for the teaser post. I just had to.

Restaurant Info:
Grand Havana Room
666 5th Ave # 39
New York, NY 10103


3 thoughts on “Why this cheesecake is so special

  1. Jess B.

    i had cheesecake for my bday and since ive been craving more…this post didnt help me suppress it!! yum

  2. shyema Post author

    ohh no the cheesecake itself doesn’t have cigar flavoring, but (rich) cigar-philics would probably know of or be a member of this club!

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