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August 3, 2009

Ok folks, here it is!!!!

Motives by Loren Ridinger

Motives by Loren Ridinger

I’ve been SO excited about this since the moment we started planning, I could barely contain myself!! I’m so pleased to finally announce the Motives/BATF Giveaways!

You may remember Loren Ridinger, SVP of Market America and Creative Director of Motives Cosmetics, from the event I attended at her beautiful place downtown. She’s graciously agreed to give away over $800 worth of her makeup right here on Beauty and the Feast!

We’re talking lip pencils, glosses, eye shadows, lipsticks, compacts and more. I’ve been using a Motives compact myself and it’s seriously quality stuff that I know you all will love.

I’m dividing it up into 14 giveaways that will each be a mash up of different sets, so there will be plenty of chances to win!

So without further ado, this week I’m giving away two sets of makeup goodies (since you all waited so patiently!):

Motives makeup Set 1:
2 Pressed Eye Shadows
1 Khol Eye Liner
1 Lip Crayon
1 Lip Shine

Motives makeup Set 2:
1 Pressed Eye Shadow
1 Khol Eye Liner
1 Pressed Blush
1 Lip Shine
1 Lip Crayon

Both sets are worth over $60! You will choose your colors and shades based on availability (I will email you the choices).

It’s a little different this time to win: The two people who comment the most on BATF posts this week — starting with this one — win! [I need some entertaining too, people :) ] Has to be relevant and at least a sentence. If there are more than two in the end, I’ll have a random drawing between them all after the contest is over. Winners will be announced and notified via email. Ends 11pm EST on Sunday, 8/10/09.

Good luck!

Note: Must be a US resident to enter! Only one winner per giveaway. You’ll only be eligible to win once in this Motives/BATF series.



  1. Erica Sung

    hmm i never heard of motives before but i just checked out hte webiste and the products look awesome! lol i want the hydrating lip balm hahah i love expensive chapsticks =p

  2. Waniya

    shyema i have been following ur blog its amazing u keep updating us with ur interesting finds !!!!
    i just checked the website looks interesting :) keep it up

  3. sidrah

    yayy this is my first time trying out for a giveaway. pickk mee..i’m excited to try out the eyeliner & the blush!! btw she’s not selling in any stores yet, right?

  4. Sarah

    pick me pick me! im dying for a new kohl eyeliner as it is. and i’ve decided you owe me for neglecting to take me to stk.

  5. shyema Post author

    Sidrah, I’m not sure which stores she’s selling at, but I’ll check — they’re available at though!

  6. Summar

    can this one not be rigged?! or if it is rigged, can it be rigged in my favor? please, thanks :)

  7. Jill

    Shyema, I’m a HUGE fan of Motives! I was so excited to see it featured on the finale of The Fashion Show on Bravo and now on your site :) Way to spread the word about such fabulous products!

  8. Jackie

    Please pick me, as everyone pleads,
    I’m the one with all the needs..
    As much help as I can find,
    To be beautiful again , would ease my mind..
    So in the end,
    I hope I’ the one
    To win these kits would be such fun
    Thanks, Jackie

  9. Veronica

    I dont know if I can promote anything on here, but I am a Motives Senior Consultant — you simply look for a Motives Consultant near you (if you’d like a consultation) or shop online where you will be referred to a local customer manager to help you with your needs!

    Have fun shopping on Motives by Loren Ridinger! And good luck to all contestants!! You will love these amazing products, I know I do! :)

    Veronica Knott
    Motives Senior Consultant of Market America

  10. Lori

    Love Motives….I get noticed when I’m on the town and, of course, from my husband. Great colors, love the way everything feels on my skin….looking just too good lately. :)
    Thanks Loren for keeping beauty alive and well!!!

  11. Lori

    Did I tell you I am loving the loose powder/refill brush! How clever is that! Neat, fun, effective!!! Every gal needs one! Thanks Loren for making beauty so easy. 😉

  12. Gloria J. Stump

    Please put my name in the drawing for the Motives Giveaway.. It is my favorite make-up….Loren has done an excellent job of knowing what is perfect for every woman..

  13. Christie

    I’m a Motives consultant in Miami and I’m telling you this we are taking over with Motives by Lauren Ridinger. I haven’t sold it to anyone who doesn’t come back for more. It’s the greatest make up line on the market no matter what other people say!!!!!!

  14. Js

    At the finish line, everything comes up short. This makeup has it all, delivers it all. Rock on Motives.

  15. Raj

    my wife loves the custom blend foundation, She does not like to put on much make up but this is very light on the face and match her skin tone flawlessly. The Motives mineral powder is great when she is in a hurry. Imagine I mix it for her. I recemmend to every women who has not try Motives Cosmetics try it and fell the difference and others will see the difference.

  16. Wendy

    I love the Bling eye shadow! The mineral power is unbelievable as well! Motive made me want to be beautiful.

  17. Deborah A. G.

    Motives by Lauren Ridinger is excellent. It is so wonderful having a makeup that does not leave one wanting. In fact, it does cover blemishes & does it with such effectiveness that one can not determine where the makeup ends & begins. YEAH!!!

  18. Tammy Rodanhisler

    Thank you for featuring Motives on your beauty blog it is helping to get people talking about it, the more people know about it the more people love it!

  19. Renee W.

    Im a Motives makeup consultant and ive reallly been looking to make new purchases so i can give more facials and sell more on-hand product but since im just getting started, i dont really have the money to make the purchases. these would be a great start and great help!

  20. Sandra

    I love Motives Make up! I recently started using the foundation, eye shadows and lip gloss. I would LOVE to win all of this make up!

  21. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Haha I like how everyone says “pick me!” I hope that’s not the prerequisite for winning…just in case it is, I’ll throw one in, too: pick me!

    Ok, now that that’s out of the way…you’re awesome for these giveaways!

  22. Beverly Wonnacott

    I haven’t tried all the Motives products yet, but I love the Skintelligence skin care and mineral make up lines. I also love the eyeshawdow compacts that you can fill with the colors of your choice.

  23. crystal

    Hello Lauren,
    I’m a fairly new distributor, I have zero motives products. I’m weeding out the old makeup & bringing in the new. I FEEL MORE GLAMOROUS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! See you at convention =)

  24. Kay P

    Oh wow…does that have natural minerals in stuff in it?

    I wonder what type of eyeshadow pallet they have going.

  25. Sameera

    umm. Hi. Your friend shoaib recommended this site. (if he really is your friend you would be kind and hand over all your stuff to me)


  26. Jean

    I have been using Motives cosmetics for at least 8 years. I am 63. Motives has come of age under Loren’s guidance. I love being able to help young people get a start in their own business by becoming Motives consultants. The most recent triumph for me was my son-in-law asking me if I thought guys could sell Motives. Oh yeah! What a kick; having samples for him to use would be over the top.

  27. vannessa

    I hadnt heard of these products until 2days ago…so far I realy like the over all look of this cosmetic line. It just might be my new favorite makeup line.

  28. crystal

    I wish I had motives make up to put on this morning, for convention! I’m a woman with needs. Have a great Day =)

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