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Amazing Base: Eye Cream Shadows

August 4, 2009

Laura Mercier Metallic Eye Creme in Platinum

Laura Mercier Metallic Eye Creme in Platinum

I just went to a wedding last weekend, and we had a girly ‘ol time doing each other’s makeup. I had a epiphanic moment when I realized there’s a product that I kept using on everyone (and myself) that I can’t do without: Laura Mercier’s Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Platinum, $22.

It’s a perfect shimmery base for parties that comes on bright and not holds onto any shadow you use on top of it, it never creases. I love that it’s a neutral beige color that i can layer on. You would think since it’s a cream that it would be greasy, but it sets in beautifully and won’t budge. I’ve used drugstore brands that just don’t compare, and this lasts a while since I don’t use it every day. Add just a touch to your tear ducts to really open up your eyes.

Mac Paints

Mac Paints

For something a little more inexpensive that I’ve heard works phenomenally well, there’s also MAC Paints for $16.50 that won’t crease even if you tried. Try it in Base Light if you like a gold shimmer, or Bare Canvas for something more neutral and matte.


12 thoughts on “Amazing Base: Eye Cream Shadows

  1. sidrah

    i think you meant 16.50 for the mac paints. i wish they were 6.50 😉 i looove all laura mercier products. especially the new golden mosaic bronzer.

  2. Sarah

    can you only use one color when you use these? like if you try to use the cream and then blend in some powder, it’d prob make a smudgy mess yes?

  3. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I’m a big fan of mixing eyeshadow, in fact I typically mix three colors. How well would this work with that concept? I bought a powder base from Mac once that was a similar shimmery beige, but it ends up getting lost underneath the shadow I would couple it with. It also doesn’t help that I have such a similar skin tone to the shade itself…now I’m curious to try this out.

  4. shyema Post author

    Sarah, I like this as a base and if I want to build with a different color, I top it first with a white or matte beige. It’s nice to start with this for me anyway because I still like a little shimmer on the brow bone, or the inner corner of the eyes.

    Sabrina, this color is a lighter, neutral shimmer so it’s great to layer on different colors as you like. And if you need a lighter base, like I told sarah, you can top it first with a light shadow. This is great to have underneath since it’ll hold the color and won’t crease.

  5. Jess B.

    do you have pictures of people with it on or even of yourself, i want to see it on someone lol.

  6. Sameera

    I think I might try that first one. I hate how my shadows crease on my eyes or even just foundation. And I have reaaaaally oily skin. Like oil just drips off my skin.

  7. Jess B.

    I am with you Sameera like my body is made up of oil that loves to come out oon my face….and so creases were such a huge deal for me… sister in law brought back thhis eye shadow kit from Pakistan with all the colors you could imagine and i swear 12 (+) hour of NO CREASE!! the color stays as is, no creasing, no need to apply more, its amazing! and I’m talking about oil+90 degree weather + humidity+ being out doors for about 11 hours… i would go chck up every now and then bc i was so paranoid n to touch up but not once had to worry about my eye shadow. Ill get you more info if youd like :)

  8. Kay P

    I am a dye hard MAC user. I used so many brands and types before I was finally satisfied. So I def recommend trying the MAC Paint, especially considering the price different.

    However MAC Shadows are a bit to pricey for me and I only get them if they are in a pre-made pallet. lol

  9. Farakh

    Please teach us how to use eyeshadow…. I don’t know about anyone else… but I need help.

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