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Kabaabs done right: Kabul Kabab House in Queens

August 4, 2009

This is my favorite Afghani/Persian restaurant, Kabul Kabab House. Beats Ravagh in midtown any day.

Starter salads with entrees

Starter salads with entrees

Combination platter with mantoo and badenjan buranee, $9.95

Combination platter with mantoo and badenjan buranee, $9.95

Kabab Sultani, $14.95

Kabab Sultani, $14.95

Kabab Kobideh (Kofta), $12.50

Kabab Kobideh (Kofta), $12.50

Combo 1 with chicken and lamb, $22.95

Combo 1 with chicken and lamb, $22.95

You have to try the lamb kababs if you ever go — I’d say it’s the best thing on the menu.

Restaurant Info:

Kabul Kabab House
42-51 Main St.
Queens, NY 11355
nr. Franklin Ave.


15 thoughts on “Kabaabs done right: Kabul Kabab House in Queens

  1. Summar

    mmm….this isn’t totally in the same vein, but went back to istanbul cafe and have to say, i think i’ve made my decision. Ali Baba’s is def better!

    haha also, they told us that the secret garden was really busy and we went back there to look and there were like 6 empty tables…so we made them seat us out there and were really confused as to why they wouldn’t just do that in the first place!

  2. shyema Post author

    yeah i have to agree, i like ali baba’s better! weird, the staff is usually so nice…OK but so now i went to yet another turkish restaurant in jersey and it was so so good!

  3. sidrah

    mmm i wanna try these places out. the only afghan place i’ve tried in the city was bamiyan. though the food was good, the service was horrible!!

    i like efes in central favorite.

  4. Sabrina Siddiqui

    This looks too good for words. Although I do like Ravagh…still, I have to agree that Ali Baba is my favorite. This reminds me of this place on Dempster in Evanston…Kabul House. Looks like they are so ghetto that the don’t even have a Web site. But it’s fine on the inside, a pretty normal place to sit and eat:

  5. Shoaib

    Fj talks about this place all the time. I didn’t like it the one time we went ..maybe I ordered the wrong thing. I can’t let him see this article.

  6. Kay P

    I’ve never been to a Kabab place…there is one in Atlanta, but I just haven’t had a moment to go. But this inspires me to make it happen!

    Looks absolutely delicious.

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