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Mid-day Dessert at Bruschetteria

August 6, 2009

Cuz that’s how I do.

Tartufo, $7

Tartufo, $7

Cappuccino, $6

Cappuccino, $6

I stopped by this little Italian cafe, right next to Moby’s Teany (which is currently closed due to a fire, BTW) for my usual equation of dessert+coffee. I haven’t had ice cream in so long and this tartufo, a half vanilla, half chocolate ice cream scoop with a cherry and almond center, covered in a hard chocolate shell, was recommended by the waitress. Perfect recommendation for a humid, sticky Saturday.

And the cappuccinos and lattes are HUGE. Not the best that I’ve had, but super generous portions. Their brunch menu looks so good, if I wasn’t so full by then I would have gone for a full meal. Will have to stop here again…just you wait and see.

Oh yeah. I also love how they say they have tartufos and actually do. I’m still scarred, Veniero’s, if you can’t tell.

Restaurant Info:
92 Rivington St
btw Orchard & Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002


8 thoughts on “Mid-day Dessert at Bruschetteria

  1. Shoaib

    I used to live above Teany’s. I woulda gotten burned up. Good thing i moved. Are you purposely avoiding Tiny’s now just to annoy me?

  2. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I miss tartufo. It’s very similar to another Italian dessert that is far more rare to come across – zuchotto. I highly recommend it if you find it anywhere. It is incredible. I can shoot you a recipe!

  3. Shoaib

    IT DOES EXIST. I told you it doesn’t have a sign on the outside. It’s right on the corner of Rivington and Norfolk across the st. from Schiller’s. It’s all black on the outside.

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