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NYC subway sighting: an attempt at makeup application

August 6, 2009

Makeup on the subway (note: web image, not the actual perpetrator I saw!)

Makeup on the subway (note: web image, not the actual perpetrator I saw!)

This morning on my way to work, I saw a woman trying to carefully apply her mineral makeup on the subway. Not too uncommon a sight. I’m sure you’ve seen it too — women putting on their makeup while looking in the rearview mirror of their cars, on planes, trains, subways…anywhere seems to be fair game.

That doesn’t annoy me too much. I think of it like, if it doesn’t bother them to do it in public, that’s cool. I don’t like doing it myself, but it’s whatever you’re comfortable with, right?

Though, watching that woman today I was thinking, it’s hard enough to just apply makeup in a moving vehicle, why are you attempting to swirl, tap, and buff powder on your face? She kept spilling it all over her skirt, then wiping it off, yet still continued to apply anyway. Lucky for her, I was too tired to take a picture to record this happening like I did last time I was on the subway..errr.

Anyway, so I was just wondering, do any of you apply your makeup on public transportation? Be honest!


7 thoughts on “NYC subway sighting: an attempt at makeup application

  1. Sameera

    Don’t do this while driving. I put on lipstick once while driving, and I came out looking amazing. The guy in front of me’s bumper looked a lot less amazing. lulz.

  2. priya

    nope. never. i don’t like people watching especially since i have a godawful mirror face!

  3. Farakh

    I never have time for myself. Believe me when I say I wake up in the morning, shower, get my clothes on and am out the door. My hair is still wet in the car and dries on my way to work. In the car, I use lancome’s cream blush, pakistani kajol on my eyes, and lip gloss. Walla I am ready for work. It is so sad… :(

  4. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Yeah, so I am that person who puts on makeup on the metro, but nothing too elaborate. I will try to fix my eyeliner at stops or if the train isn’t moving too fast, and I’ll put lip gloss on. But I won’t put on anything else in public. If I want to be risky, I’ll try to do my nails sometimes.

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