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Audrina Patridge goes lighter too…

August 9, 2009

Audrina Patridge at the Teen Choice Awards

Audrina Patridge at the Teen Choice Awards

Ok, I guess KK wasn’t the only one going lighter. Audrina Patridge of The Hills fame also showed up with a lighter mane. What’s going on in Tinsel Town? I think since her hair was already a lighter brown (at some point at least), it doesn’t seem as dramatic a change as Kim’s does. I’m ambivalent.



6 thoughts on “Audrina Patridge goes lighter too…

  1. Sameera

    I think its time to post about good hair dye kits! :D. I can’t afford a fancy salon..but I’m kind of liking the lighter colors :O

  2. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I kind of hate the fact that I know who she is, although I take great pride in saying that I’ve never watched an episode of The Hills. I think the darker hair looked better on her, though. Oh Ceiling Eyes…

  3. Kay P

    Def not as dramatic, but still hate it. She had such a “rockster” look on the show. The dark hair was perfect for that image.

    However, since she has her own show coming out I guess it’s what the “audience” wanted?…lame.

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