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Kim Kardashian goes blonde. Sad face.

August 9, 2009

UPDATE: OMFG, she looks JUST like J.LO now! Latest image from Teen Choice awards:

Kim Kardashian at Teen Choice Awards

Kim Kardashian at Teen Choice Awards

Kim, when you wanted to don a chic bob wig with Ken Paves, I didn’t judge you. I thought it looked cute, in fact. When you tricked everyone into thinking you really went blonde in the streets of NY with your other lighter wig, I was so happy you hadn’t.

But now, you’re telling us you really went blonde??

Kim Kardashian as a blonde, Photo credit:

Kim Kardashian as a blonde, Photo credit:

Yes, she really did. Kim Kardashian tweeted (and blogged!) about her new blonde locks she is debuting at the Teen Choice Awards.

Kim announces her shift to blonde

Kim announces her shift to blonde

The pics on her blog don’t seem to promising, but at least they look better than her wig. I guess we’ll just have to see how they turn out on the red carpet. It airs tomorrow, Monday on FOX at 8/7c.

I love her dark hair, it’s so exotic and different than all the other Hollywood peeps going lighter and lighter. She looks too J. Lo with her blonde hair, not that I would think anyone would ever take that as less than a compliment — it’s just not a unique look for her.

Unfortunately, she says she loves her new look and that “this one is staying!.”

Please take it back.


(And yeah, I know I feature her a lot…following her is just what me and my lil sis do).


12 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian goes blonde. Sad face.

  1. shyema Post author

    could be..could be! though she has said she’s been reallly wanting to go blonde for a while, since that time she did the wig…she mentioned it again on The View. Yeah I know I’m pathetic, leave me alone.

  2. sidrah

    nooooo :(. this blonde hair totally killed her exotic & gorgeous look. her amazing features don’t stand out as much anymore. now she’s just blending in with the rest of them. boo.

  3. Farakh

    OMG! What has Kim Kardashian done? She looks awful! Her black hair really gave her that exotic look…

  4. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Haha, I don’t keep up with the Kardashians, but she definitely looked better with her darker hair. This just doesn’t seem to suit her. Why is she even at the TCA’s?

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  6. priya

    at the risk of sounding like a total hermit…who the heck is this kim kardashian? her name’s everywhere but no one says what it is that she does. is she a singer? actress? model?

  7. shyema Post author

    haha..well short answer is a she’s a reality tv star…and another star of sorts. She’s also the daughter of Robert Kardashian (OJ simpson’s lawyer) so she’s in those socialite circles.

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