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August 10, 2009

Motives by Loren Ridinger

Motives by Loren Ridinger

Thanks so much for entering last week’s giveaways. I got some more Motives by Loren Ridinger goodies up for grabs as part of the $800 worth of giveaways we’re doing, so here are details for this week:

Motives Set 4:
1 Khol Eye liner
1 Lip Crayon liner
1 Lipstick
1 Pressed Shadow
1 Cream Shadow

Motives Set 5:
1 Khol Eye liner
1 Diamond Lip Plumper
2 Pressed Shadows
1 Cream Shadow

Both sets are worth about $70. You will choose your colors and shades based on availability (I will email you the choices).

This time, just leave a comment on this post about your favorite restaurant, and you’re automatically in the drawing.

I’ll draw a name at random on 11pm EST on Sunday, 8/16/09. Winners will be announced and notified via email the next day.

Good luck!

Note: Must be a US resident to enter! Only one winner per giveaway. You’ll only be eligible to win once in this Motives/BATF series.



  1. Summar

    Mmm…Hampton Chutney..These fusion dosas are amazing. Get the masala deluxe with the green coriander chutney and an iced chai and you’ll be completely satisfied. I promise!

  2. sidrah la femme. i’m always biased towards places with good food & gorgeous ambiance. i love eating in pretty surroundings. 230 fifth is also the most amazingly pretty place to be in the city but their menu isn’t like amazing. ok you didn’t ask for a list. sorry!

  3. Sam

    Favorite restaurant is Gramercy Tavern. Has amazing service and amazing food. More of a place to go to with your significant other than friends.

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  5. shahla

    since i don’t have a fave restaurant b/c there are too dang many great ones, currently i am looking at STK’s menu and i can categorically surmise that this will be my pick of the month.

  6. priya

    sarah, you could have bihari kebab tomorrow if you want. going with your bff :)

    as for my favorite restaurant…i can never decide. there are, however, places i try to push on people because the food is unique. ate at sigiri, a sri lankan restaurant, a long time ago. the food was so AMAZING i still crave it. the flavors remind you of indian food but it’s much more complex and richer. indian restaurants in the US tend to be dominated by punjabi and mughlai dishes which drives me nuts. there is so much more to indian cuisine than that. which reminds me of another great place – cafe spice. it’s a chain and i believe there is one at university place and 12th? the menu has great variety from goan to tamil to peshawari.

  7. priya

    oh and gung ho carnivores like the STK fans here should give strip house a try. it is quite pricey so maybe for a special occassion?

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  9. D...the makeup rookie

    I am a vegetarian and I live in Texas so that doesnt help. Bcoz of this I am on a constant hunt for new restaurants. My latest fav though is a family owned tiny place called Back Door Cafe in a small town between Austin and Houston. Check it out Texans…Its Gr8!!!!!!!!!!

  10. KelseyM

    My favorite is a small family owned restaurante called Mama Minsky’s. It’s absolute heaven each time I go there, it will always be dear to my heart. As my fiancee proposed to me there :) The food is beyond excellent, I always get the portobello bruschetta, and the chicken cattitore… yum!!

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