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Something for the head shaving men

August 11, 2009

I decided we needed a short break from all the girly beauty.

So, guys with clean shaven heads, I don’t know how you have the patience to maintain that so often, but I came across this shaving line that might help: Citizen Smooth.

Citizen Smooth Trifecta Gift Set, $36.95

Citizen Smooth Trifecta Gift Set, $36.95

They use all natural botanicals and minerals, including aloe vera gel, mint, tea tree, birch sap, green tea extract and more. They have a whole list of their ingredients here. I’m looking at all-natural labels more than ever now after my co-worker and I had a frightening discussion about the cancer-causing factors surrounding products with parabens (which are put in a lot of products as a preservative).

Best part is, the prices don’t kill. For their Trifecta Set, which includes full sizes of the Head Shave Cream, Cleanser, and Balm, it costs only $36.95.

Check out their website to buy (and even head shaving tips) at


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