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Crushing on: Victoria’s Secret Parfum Intimes

August 13, 2009

Parfum Intimes Lace

Parfum Intimes Lace

I’m gonna break the unspoken cardinal rule of perfume-wearing and tell you which ones I’ll be wearing next (OK fine, not like I haven’t before): Victoria’s Secret Parfum Intimes.

I’ve always loved VS perfumes — they smell beautiful and are not as expensive as most designer brands. So when I walked into the store last week initially looking for a gift, I noticed this collection and just spritz each on to take a whiff — and wow.

Each perfume in the collection is inspired by different fabrics (there’s Satin, Lace, Cashmere, and Silk), and they each have a lovely decadent scent — Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine, Satin Rose de Mai, Lace Orange Flower and Silk Mandarin Santal.

I couldn’t stop sniffing my wrists long after I came home. And they all smell so pretty, I can’t decide which one I favor the most! I’m soooo glad they come in a gift box with all four for less than one bottle alone ($42 as opposed to $55). Although, I might be leaning towards the Silk with mimosa, honeyed musk and white woods; and Lace with Chinese osmanthus.

Parfum Intimes gift set

Parfum Intimes gift set

Individual perfumes and the Parfum Intimes gift set are available at Victoria’s Secret stores and


8 thoughts on “Crushing on: Victoria’s Secret Parfum Intimes

  1. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I must say, every time I am wearing Victoria’s Secret fragrances (be it body spray or perfume), I always get asked what I’m wearing/told I smell good. I haven’t tried this one yet, or at least I don’t think so, but I’ll add it to the list. I know people make fun of VS, but their scents are really good!

  2. sidrah

    dream angels heavenly is supposedly americas #1 selling perfume (i used to work at VS and be a walking advertisement for customers). i do like that one a lot and wanna check these out as well.

    also, i heard christian siriano from project runway created a makeup line for VS. i wanna check out the eyeliner. its supposed to be blackest black. i’m into that. did you try out the makeup at all?

  3. shyema Post author

    Sabrina — agreed, even their men scents. Love them. Sidrah, didn’t know it was #1 selling perfume…but they do smell so good. I read about Christian Siriano, can’t wait to try it! I love their lip glosses, but the one I had — and I don’t think they sell it anymore — made lips look super glossy..but it was super sticky. I also bought their very voluptuous plumper when it was all the rage…i liked that it was slightly pink but I’m not as big on plumpers now.

  4. sidrah

    well i don’t know if that # 1 selling thing is fact or just advertising.haha.

    i can’t do lip plumpers..they irritate my lips..which i guess is the purpose behind it so then they can get swollen and look plump. not worth it for me.

  5. Shoaib

    you should do an article on man smells. (they’re not called fragrances when they’re for men) Mine cost $6 for a giant bottle and chicks dig it.

  6. Jess B.

    for the summer i got victorias secret Now body spray, its a mix of papaya, exotic orchid and creamy coconut milk. Infused with açai berry and murumuru extract…and even though its a body spray its stays on all day and people smell it just by walking by and its light so its perfect for the summer, i love it. I wore it one day and two guys infront of me started talking to each other about how they smell “coconut but a sweet coconut with a flowery scent” and how they wanted to just follow the scent was funny when they turned around and realized it was me…so ya get it!
    my fav=very sexy

  7. shyema Post author

    hahahhahahahahhahahahha nice!

    i love body sprays too, they’re awesome for summer..

    shoaib, i dont know if i should believe you.

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