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Personalized fragrances from Memoire Liquide

August 14, 2009

By Melissa Stephans

Memoire Liquide

Memoire Liquide

Why are Europeans always one-upping us?!

Americans have long admired the European sense of style, beauty and sophistication–none of which seem contrived. My particular obsession in this realm falls under the fragrance category. So many Europeans I have come across seem to know something I don’t. By the first whiff, I do know that they probably don’t purchase their scents at a mass fragrance emporium like Sephora.

What I don’t know, however, is where they find perfumes with such complex notes that are not overpowering. These scents are incredibly pleasing to experience, and they are quite clearly concocted by an expert–not an advertising executive or…gasp…a celebrity.

Until I can figure out the brands that my non-American friends use, I have my favorite standby: Memoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery.

Created by the two sisters who launched Studio Beautymix within L.A.’s Fred Segal, Memoire Liquide offers the olfactory-obsessed masses an opportunity to explore hundreds of fragrance bases to be used alone or blended and can be kept on file. I am a longtime, die-hard Nudite Absolue fan (hint, hint to any admirers) because of it’s subtle, ethereal scent.

Though I may never figure out what it is that makes those fabulous Euros smell so divine, I too, have managed to capture an essence that is uniquely my own.

Check out Memoire Liquide at the following locations…but don’t copy my scent:

L.A.: Studio at Fred Segal,
NYC: Now available at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, 212-705-2000

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One thought on “Personalized fragrances from Memoire Liquide

  1. Francesca

    Good morning,

    it is possible to buy the Parfume Nudite Absolue de Memoire Liquide? I live in Milan and unfortunately I can find it.

    Thank you,


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