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The only thing better than a burger at Shake Shack is a free one

August 17, 2009

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that this is actually NOT happening — Arkadium didn’t receive the approval it needed to carry out this event. Sorry guys!

Free burgers at Shake Shack!

Free burgers at Shake Shack!

I’m not lying.

Video game company, Arkadium, is trading burgers for a stab at their new flash-based game. Just go to Shake Shack in Madison Square park between 3pm and 6pm on Friday, August 21 or August 28, and if you’re one of the first 50 people to come out and test their game on the laptops they provide, you get a free burger. Not a bad deal. You only have to play about five minutes, fill out a survey, and burger bliss is yours.

Restaurant Info:
Shake Shack
SE corner of Madison Square Park
nr. Madison Ave., and E. 23rd St.
Murray Hill


3 thoughts on “The only thing better than a burger at Shake Shack is a free one

  1. Farah

    I haven’t visited this blog in forever, but I did today and lo and behold posting on shake shack. It’s fate I tell ya! Love your blog Shyema…I blame my not being able to visit this blog as often as I’d like on work :(.

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