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I need help.

August 20, 2009


I’m a bit of a health freak (thanks, Mom). I’m paranoid about smokers, sneezers, coughers, or anyone in general who decides to be sick around me. Though I miss my beloved New York, I couldn’t hop on the plane faster to get back to the health-obsessed world that is Los Angeles. Trading dirty subway rats for obsessive “gym rats” was a pleasurable transition to make.

So, it’s a huge surprise to my friends that I refuse to take medicine. I hate it. I am terrified and convinced that if a side effect is possible, I will have it. And please don’t get me started on the topic of ethics or safety. Do you remember the incident when a certain national drugstore chain unknowingly sold its generic medicine containing glass? Oh. My. God. I remember.

BATF doesn’t usually touch on health issues, but oftentimes, food, beauty and health are all intertwined. So, when I came across Help Remedies, I was intrigued by the whimsical brand and eager to give you the lowdown.

Nathan Frank and Richard Fine, founders of Help Remedies

Nathan Frank and Richard Fine, founders of Help Remedies

Help was founded by two friends–Nathan Frank and Richard Fine–who created a collection of simple solutions for simple health problems such as headaches, blisters, cuts, aches, allergies and sleeplessness. Some companies might push simplicity as their gimmick and stop at that, but not Help.

Their unique sense of humor and soothing ways permeate everything–including their product descriptions and packaging. This is clearly a business venture from the heart. Just read their website. Their ethics page brings me to tears…incidentally, I hope they have something to cure that. Richard, whose parents are both doctors, collaborated with Nathan to make sure each pill is made of the most effective ingredient and the fewest possible fillers, coatings and dyes.

The packaging, which is biodegradable, is color coded and clearly titled to describe the ailment it is intended to correct. What sold me on their products, other than the lovely price of $3.99, was the brand’s ability to be there for me at the very moment I need them most — that dire moment when I have to give in and actually take the medicine.

On the inside of each package, there is some type of endearing message to put my mind at ease. I don’t want to give all of Help’s secrets away, so you will just have to experience them for yourself. Trust me. You won’t use anything else.

Some links you just HAVE to check out on the Help Remedies website, starting with our favorite:

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