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The Maine dish: Lobster

August 20, 2009


I’m so glad my friend Sarah tried the lobster when she went to Maine…because, not gonna lie, I don’t think I have the stomach to. I’ve tried it before way long ago, and…well, you should all know by now I can only take seafood in small doses.

While in the retro town of Old Orchard Beach, she and friends made a pit stop at Bayley’s Lobster Pound, a age-old restaurant that’s been around since 1915 and has sold over 30 million pounds of lobsters, according to the historical info on their website.




I can say I’m a little curious though, since she describes the $11 lobsters as “some of the freshest crustaceans any of us had ever sunk our teeth into.” I like to try the signature dish of the places I’m visiting, so if I ever make a trip to Maine, I guess I know where I’m going now…gulp.

Restaurant Info:
Bayley’s Lobster Pound
9 Avenue 6
Scarborough, ME 04074


4 thoughts on “The Maine dish: Lobster

  1. Sarah

    You know me and seafood, it’s all very hit or miss. But as you said, when you travel, you have to expand your horizons a bit and at least sample the local fare, and when in Maine, do as the Mainers do, I guess :)

  2. priya

    will BATF be discussing just beauty then during ramadan? if you have pics of yummy food on here i will have to hide for the next 30 days!

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