Anna Wintour on David Letterman

August 25, 2009

I’m digressing just a little, but something any magazine peeps would get excited (or curious) about, so therefore, obliged to post. Vogue‘s EIC, Anna Wintour on the Late Show with David Letterman:

The September Issue trailer:

Making plans to see The September Issue soon! Anyone else?


19 thoughts on “Anna Wintour on David Letterman

  1. savera

    DL is pretty funny. she’s so funny too. even when she’s joking she’s totally stone faced…that vogue issue IS as big as a phonebook!

  2. Summar

    my favorite part is when she calls him out about only calling her camp on friday about this show…can’t wait to see this movie.

  3. Sabrina

    The typeface looks like it’s for blind people? Ever heard of braille, IDIOT!
    I find little Annie amusing, and fun, and I bet she’s totally cool to hang with outside of the office.
    Quick wit on Letterman.
    Woot! Woot! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  4. Sarah

    wow i was actually really impressed by her. she comes off a lot more engaging and charming and dare i say coquettish than i would have expected. can’t wait to watch it, too bad SOMEONE doesn’t want to see it with me :(

  5. Melissa

    I wonder if she still has someone to carry her purse for her. She used to have one of her minions do this so it wouldn’t ruin her silhouette…unless that was just for one season.
    I love the part where she says that her dad knew she wanted to work at Vogue, so, “that’s it. It was just decided.” I hope she was kidding because that was incredibly arrogant. Of course, Anna Wintour does not make jokes, so…

  6. shiny922

    i haven’t read any mags from the states, cuz ive been abroad for the last couple months…

    but im going back soon, and i <3 vogue!

  7. Siddy Q

    not gonna lie, i didnt like her response to DL question about being able to be fashionable on a low budget. she kept promoting her event and not really answering him.

    however the movie looks great. def wanna see

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