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Chris Rock explores Good Hair

August 26, 2009

Chris Rock

Chris Rock

This is just brilliant.

Chris Rock, better known for his hilarious stand up, took an unexpected dive into a completely different world: beauty.

In his latest documentary, Good Hair, Rock decides to explore what “good hair” means to the African American community and beyond after his daughter, Lola, came to him one day and asked, “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?”

Heart-breaking, but not to worry — in true Chris Rock-style he examines the question throughout the movie with plenty of comic twists.

You have to check out the trailer below:

Good Hair opens in select theaters on October 8th, and nationwide on October 23rd.

My movies-I-want-to-see-right-now list keeps growing. Thanks, Melissa!!


12 thoughts on “Chris Rock explores Good Hair

  1. Sabrina

    Another SSSSSSSS here in the comment zone:)
    That movie is going to be HIL-ARI-OUS. He must be working overtime. Didn’t he just do his NY/London/Johannesburg tour for HBO like last year? If I were black, I would never relax my hair. I would let it be totally natural — curls, naps, afro and all. I love that look.
    I think it’s awesome his daughter inspired hin to do this. I hope his efforts give her incredible self confidence as she gets older.

  2. priya

    i like chris rock! i’d totally watch this. i used to envy my african friends because they could braid their hair really pretty and they looked so exotic. but it really is a lot of work and money maintaining those styles.

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