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The Evolution of Beauty

August 30, 2009

You tell ’em, Dove.


15 thoughts on “The Evolution of Beauty

  1. shiny922

    i actually already saw this video somewhere. love them for making it, but i feel like knowing that all those ads and pictures were airbrushed and photoshopped doesn’t make me feel a whole lot better when I’m looking at them…

  2. Siddy Q

    the craziest part i thought was when they elongate her neck and thin it out. i knew they airbrush, but thats crazy

  3. sabine

    dove is always innovative with its campaigns. unilever throws a whole lot of money into this brand

  4. Naila

    we have watched this video in a few of my counseling classes relating to self esteem issues..its awesome..and definetly should be shown to younger girls especially so they know from the start what they are looking at mostly isnt real.. and it explains why my makeup never turns out like they have it in the magazines or when it doesnt “enhance” as much as i thought it would

  5. priya

    i was reading somewhere how european magazines are more comfortable photographing and presenting models in a more natural state than american magazines. is that like a an occasional special they do at magazines every now and then or is there a general trend towards less enhancing in europe than here?

  6. Nabila

    Shy — When I sent you this video I knew your loyal gals would appreciate it. We are always fed such BS in terms of what ‘beauty’ is and is not.

    I think it’s great that your blog talks about fun with makeup and using it to enhance what we’ve naturally got but at the same time keeps it real and balances things out with posts such as these.

    Glad to see so many positive comments — Go Dove and Go BATF!!

  7. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I love it! It’s definitely a great way of showing what ‘goes into’ making all of these cardboard cutouts look beautiful. Definitely nice to see this on a beauty blog, too. At the end of the day, you can wear all the makeup in the world and still not feel positive about your appearance. There are so many other natural factors that go into positivity and wellness.

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