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‘Youth Knows No Pain’ explores society views on Aging

August 30, 2009

youth-knows-no-pain-examines-anti-aging-industryI’m jealous of you people who have HBO.

First, it was Flight of the Conchords. Then Entourage. Now documentary, Youth Knows No Pain, where filmmaker Mitch McCabe explores aging, particularly women’s fear of aging.

[Sidenote: Woah, totally didn’t know this when I began writing this post, but my fellow U of I alum who got me my first magazine internship, Charla Krupp, is featured in the film! Her book, How Not To Look Old, is a New York Times Best Seller. See her at 0:17].’s The Cut reports in an interview:

The women in the film were self-critical, and it was the men who were judgmental of others. What other gender differences did you notice?

We asked women why they were scared of aging, and everyone said, “Being alone. Being alone.” You never heard that from men. Society is changing so much, and it’s becoming more competitive and we have to stay in the workplace longer. Aging is affecting men in different ways, especially if they’re in sales or something. When it comes to aging, men are concerned about being destitute, or in a nursing home. And being alone, but more in the sense of not having someone to take care of them.

The doc appears on Monday, August 31st, at 9pm EST…on HBO.


11 thoughts on “‘Youth Knows No Pain’ explores society views on Aging

  1. sidrah

    $60 billion industry. that’s insane. this post goes well with your previous one. i think a lot of women get sucked into plastic surgery/botox because they see all the gorgeous women in magazines…and that’s all airbrushed beauty.

  2. Sabrina

    I barfed on myself while I was watching that, which makes me feel like “the industry” is totally responsible, and they should front my dry cleaning bill — they’re worth 60 mil, right?

  3. priya

    “society is changing so much” – and yet it hasn’t changed much in many ways. women still look to something outside of themselves for security and still have to bank on looks to keep from being alone. :(

  4. Sarah

    fascinating, ill def check it out, presuming it’s on hbo on demand? feel free to come over and use me for my hbo anytime shy

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