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Chris Rock explores Good Hair

August 26, 2009

Chris Rock

Chris Rock

This is just brilliant.

Chris Rock, better known for his hilarious stand up, took an unexpected dive into a completely different world: beauty.

In his latest documentary, Good Hair, Rock decides to explore what “good hair” means to the African American community and beyond after his daughter, Lola, came to him one day and asked, “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?”

Heart-breaking, but not to worry — in true Chris Rock-style he examines the question throughout the movie with plenty of comic twists.

You have to check out the trailer below:

Good Hair opens in select theaters on October 8th, and nationwide on October 23rd.

My movies-I-want-to-see-right-now list keeps growing. Thanks, Melissa!!


Beauty - "The Lovely"

Another reason to celebrate Fall…SPA WEEK!


Spa Week is that glorious week when participating spas offer their signature–and often quite luxurious–treatments for the wallet-friendly price of $50.

Just to show what a steal this is, consider that treatments like the 14k gold facial, the caviar facial and Botox have all been treatments offered in the past.

So, if you are like me–in need of a massage or other beauty treatment and cannot shell out the regular hefty fare to get pampered–sign up for this Fall’s Spa Week.

Appointments should be booked about one month in advance, so now is the time to book!

West Coast: September 14th-20th
East Coast locations: October 12th-18th

See their website for a list of participating spas at

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Anna Wintour on David Letterman

August 25, 2009

I’m digressing just a little, but something any magazine peeps would get excited (or curious) about, so therefore, obliged to post. Vogue‘s EIC, Anna Wintour on the Late Show with David Letterman:

The September Issue trailer:

Making plans to see The September Issue soon! Anyone else?


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Kim Kardashian’s experiment with matte nails

I know, I’m sorry. I REALLY can’t help it. But Kim Kardashian tried the OPI’s Matte Nailpolish, and I had to report.


She added her own twist by adding clear gloss to the tips so it looks like a black french manicure. Apparently her mom hates it.

Still looking into the shade for you, but it looks like a soon to be released OPI for Sephora shade in Onyx.

She’s actually sporting OPI Matte Polish in Lincoln Park After Dark, which is a really deep indigo that almost appears black! It retails for $8.50 and available at Professional Salons, including JCPenney, Regis, Trade Secret, and Ulta.

What do you think?


BATF Giveaways - Beauty - "The Lovely"

Last two weeks of giveaways from Motives by Loren Ridinger!!!

OK guys, this is almost it!

Sad news is, these next two weeks will wrap up the BATF/Motives giveaway series.

Good news is, although we’ve already had some FANTASTIC giveaways from Motives by Loren Ridinger, these are actually my favorites, so I’ve saved them for last!

This week, two of you can win a FULL COMPACT from Motives! They are from the upcoming Motives Muse Collection from the event I attended. Now, you can now try it here first!

MARILYN- Motives Marilyn Monroe Inspired Compact

MARILYN- Motives Marilyn Monroe Inspired Compact

LOREN - Motives Creator, Loren Ridinger's own favorites!

LOREN - Motives Creator, Loren Ridinger's own favorites!

AUDREY - Motives Audrey Hepburn inspired compact

AUDREY - Motives Audrey Hepburn inspired compact

AVA - Motives Ava Gardner inspired compact

AVA - Motives Ava Gardner inspired compact

How beautiful are those shades?? I use the Ava one myself and loveeee it. Each compact includes one blush, bronzer, and four eyeshadows — making each compact valued over $80!

I’m going to resort to the way we had our first giveaway: the two people who leave (relevant) comments on the most posts this week, starting with butter London post going forward, will win.

One comment per post is counted (meaning, if you comment 50 times on one post, I’m only counting it once).

Ends Monday, Sept 1st, 11pm EST. If there are more than two winners, I will draw a name at random between them!

Note: Must be a US resident to enter! Only one winner per giveaway. You’ll only be eligible to win once in this Motives/BATF series.



Beauty - "The Lovely" - Nails

Slick Nail Colors from Butter London


My favorite time of year is almost here–Fall!

When I was younger, Fall meant cooler weather, back-to-school shopping and that the holidays are near.

These days, it still means a return to comfortable L.A. weather (goodbye 99 degrees, hello 70!), and that holiday cheer around the corner.

The joy of back-to-school shopping, however, has been replaced by anticipation of upcoming runway shows and exciting new product launches. And this year, I’m particularly eager to grab the latest offerings from butter London.

Butter London — which makes quality nailcare products without the toxic chemicals used in most other lines — delivers a new color series inspired by the Fall ’09 runway collections.

The Fall/Winter ’09 Fashionista Favourites Collection (above) is bright, bold and fun, in contrast to the many black, gray and neutral wardrobes dominating runways.

butter London's Rosie Lee

butter London's Rosie Lee

The new shades, available September 1st, include British Racing Green (a dark, hunter green), Minger (a burnt orange), Pearly Queen (a pearly white), Scoundrel (a warm, purplish-mauve), and my personal fave, Rosie Lee (a rosy pink with major shimmer).

They are $14 each, but if you need a reason to justify your desire to purchase the whole collection at once, it’s a steal at $45 for FIVE shades.

You may also want to check out butter London’s base and topcoat. My notoriously wimpy nails look and feel strong and shiny when I use these.

Butter London is available at Kitson, or at

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