Flip flop dangers: So how much bacteria are we talking?

September 3, 2009

I just had to get this in there while flip-flop wearing season is still around for a little while longer!

SO, I’m going to preemptively let you know that this may gross you out, but ANYWAY. I used to live a lovely 10 blocks away from work so on my way home one day, the strap of my flip flip completely broke off. It was miserable. I couldn’t maneuver the strap any which way to make it stay on, and I tried limping my way on until I decided that this is not happening. I tried to grip the strap between my big toe and smaller toe…didn’t work. I couldn’t take even one more step, and had no cash for cabs (this was pre-credit card machines in cab days) so I decided to pivot my way to the Duane Reade a block away.


You would think people in NY have seen crazier things, but I guess a girl walking half barefoot on one toe is just what invites wild stares. I couldn’t have been happier when I got to the store.

Only they had no flip flops.

In retrospect, the smart thing would have been to get socks, but I guess the thought in the burning hot weather just didn’t find it’s way to my head. I figured I may miraculously manage another few blocks home. I kept thinking of all the dogs who probably just peed earlier that day on the sidewalk, and almost gagged. I washed my feet furiously when I got home.

If only I read this msnbc.com article though, things would be a lottt different. Forget the disgusting NY streets, TODAY and the University of Miami emergency mobile flip-flop lab, tested footwear and found that there were more than 18,000 bacteria on just one pair of flip-flops.

Even more shocking than the number of germs were the types represented — bacteria from fecal matter, skin and respiratory germs. One pair of 6-year-old flip-flops had germs that cause yeast infection and diaper rash.

OK lesson learned. Wash your hands and feet as much as possible and try to keep those flip flops off when you’re at home!!

Just doin’ my public service announcement part.


6 thoughts on “Flip flop dangers: So how much bacteria are we talking?

  1. Naila

    thanks!! now i can never walk in flip flops again 🙁 hahaa jk. but that is gross..ever since i moved to the city i have to wash my feet everytime i get home bc i can see how bad my feet get so fast walking around here and now im really glad i do..and totally can relate to your broken strap story..(damn chapal from pakistan) ..happened to me during my final, and i had to walk 10 minutes in dc which took me a hour..and all i could think about was the pee on the floor..and yeah everyone laughed, pitied me, or stared..it was a sad day. ok i wrote too much 🙂

  2. Sarah

    my mom sent me an article about this awhile ago! i always wash my feet in the tub as soon as i get home, but i’ve been doing that forever simply bc ny is so filthy that i always feel dirty when i get home. i didn’;t realize wearing flip flops was basically like wearing fetid toilet bowls on your feet!

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