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NEW LA Food Trucks Alert: Lomo Arigato, Dosa Truck, and Frysmith

September 3, 2009

By Melissa Stephans

More food trucks are hitting the streets of LA!

Owner Eric Nakata and Lomo Arigato

Owner Eric Nakata and Lomo Arigato

Lomo Arigato is a Peruvian-fusion mobile eaterie created by a Japanese-American foodie.

I’m not sure how I feel about Peruvian-Japanese style food, but I’ve learned to never judge before tasting.

The Thrillist reports:

Sustenance is broken down into three different dishes, each optionally doused in a creamy, green homemade jalapeno hot sauce and available with beef, chicken, or tofu: Saltado (onion/tomato/cilantro/french fry/red wine/soy sauce stir fry with a side of white rice), Tallarin Saltado (same as above, with spaghetti instead of fries/rice), and fried rice w/ Peruvian-style veggies called the Chaufa, also the feeling you may experience after too much of that hot sauce.

You can follow them on twitter (@lomoarigato), though their website isn’t yet completed.

If Peruvian fusion doesn’t tickle your fancy, here are two more food trucks coming your way:

Credit: Frysmith

Credit: Frysmith

  • DOSA TRUCK – Launched just recently in July 2009, it specializes in, well, dosas, a South Indian crispy crepe made from lentils and rice flours and served with varied chutneys. Twitter: @dosatruck
  • FRYSMITH – Now THIS is what I’m talking about: a gourmet french fry truck with vegan, kimchi fries (Kurobuta pork belly, onions, cheddar cheese and kimchi); chicken sweet potato fries and more. Twitter: @Frysmith
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