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Ashlee Simpson rockin the red

September 4, 2009

Ashlee Simpson, Photo credit: WireImag

Ashlee Simpson, Photo credit: WireImag


So, I’m in a very experimental mood with lipstick these days and when I saw this pic of Ashlee Simpson in NYC yesterday, I was really diggin it.

The whole glistening red hair and dark lip combo works in her favor. They always say to go easy on the eyes when you’re doing dark lips, but she’s even wearing a little liner and gold shadow. I don’t know how, but I think she actually pulls it off.

What do you guys think??


5 thoughts on “Ashlee Simpson rockin the red

  1. Erica Sung

    hahaha perez was bashing this exact look on her but yea i kinda agree, i think she pulls it off good

  2. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Haha I was going to post the Perez link, too! Hilarious. I guess it depends on the photo. It looks bad in the one he posted and not so bad in the one you did :) I guess you both prove your respective points!

  3. Sarah

    not feeling it, sorry, she looks too grungy for me. i do like the shade of red hair, just not on her. also her face looks like britney in this pic

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