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How to apply eyeliner: pencil, gel, and liquid

September 5, 2009

This is something I STILL have trouble with.

I found a video from Michelle Phan demonstrating how to apply pencil, gel, and liquid liner (this is why I love her).

Tip: Don’t pull your lids taut when applying — it can cause premature fine lines! I learned that also from Lost makeup artist Emily Katz, who told me holding it taut is actually counterintuitive since it causes more squiggly lines than preventing them! Her tip: keep your eyes open but downcast when applying!

What do you use to apply eye liner?


6 thoughts on “How to apply eyeliner: pencil, gel, and liquid

  1. Sarah

    this is awesome! the q-tip tip was genius, ive been stretching my lids every day for 13 years and have often worried about the repercussions. i hope its not too late. ive never had gel eyeliner, do you recommend any brands

  2. sidrah

    the lady at the lancome stand taught me to just tilt my head back a little bit and then do small strokes against the lash line. no need to close eyes /stretch out lids. that was the best eyeliner lesson ever!

  3. Sarah

    no i know you’ve used it on me, and i think maybe ridaa has too, i just have never owned it so didnt know what to buy. do you usually use the clinique on me?

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