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Guess blonde was just a phase for Kim Kardashian…

September 10, 2009

Don’t panic…Kim Kardashian is back to being a brunette, tweeting:

“Loved the blonde but that is my alter ego, I am back! Feels good to be me again! I swear I was a different person w blonde hair.”

And it’s actually a really pretty shade of dark brown:

Kim Kardashian back to her brunette self

Kim Kardashian back to her brunette self

I wanna know what secret potion these celebs are using that keeps their hair so fareekin shiny even after such an extreme bleach/dye job.

Even though I’m partial to her dark locks, I like that she’s always into experimenting with her look, thus a regular on mi blog.

What do you guys think?


9 thoughts on “Guess blonde was just a phase for Kim Kardashian…

  1. Hajera Azam

    and who got you into keeping up with kim kardashians every move huhh? and actually if you look closely her hair looks kinda dry

  2. Nicole

    Thank goodness! I mean she didn’t look bad w/ the blonde, but she just looks SOOOO much better with dark hair.

    I love her style & I think she’s beautiful. Her features are just so exotic & striking.


  3. Nabila

    agreed. she’s ridonks. but i think as for her hair… the lower half is all extensions. there are some pics out there without her extensions and she has little to no hair. but whatever she does have is shinyyyyyyyy

  4. Nada

    Agree with Nabila, I was just about to say you can clearly see the top half of her hair is a diff color than the bottom, and it lies way straighter than the top… extensions are how her hair looks so perfect

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