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My cousin is up to her nail designs again

September 10, 2009

And of course, I make her sit still so I can take a pic…again.

Remember her previous nail art? Good. Now, her latest taupe-and-black striped creation:


Watchu think?

I love this stripe thing she does with muted colors because it’s subtle enough that I don’t notice it right away but when I do, I’m like WOW. Now, I just need to buy more nail polish…or steal from her stash…you know, whatever works.

072109-freshnails3-400x400Any one else experimenting with nail colors and designs? InStyle also reported on fun nail trends to consider (think black and whites, lilacs, and mixed metals). Check it out here for some more inspiration.


10 thoughts on “My cousin is up to her nail designs again

  1. Nicole

    I like it alot. It’s super cute! I would need to use clear tape though because there’s no way i can draw a straight line & fill it in w/o messing up.


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