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How to do a striped nail design perfectly straight

September 11, 2009

img_5357Ok, ok…You guys asked for more tips for how to get this look so here it is!

I asked my cousin about how she does the striped nail design, and she let me on to her technique:

1) Start with two coats of ‘Under My Trenchcoat’ from Sephora by OPI ($9). She lets them dry overnight to make sure it was really dry and smooth.

2) Next, cuts strips out of scotch tape and block off the sections of nail that I wanted to leave beige. “This is really the only way I know how to get the lines perfectly straight.”

3) Then, paint one coat of deep black (she uses one by Nicole by OPI…try the shade No Limits ($7)).

4) Leave the tape and the nail polish on for a while to make sure it gets really dry and doesn’t smudge (“I always do my nails while watching TV, so I let it sit for 30 min”).

5) Then remove the tape and put on a clear top coat. Voila! Nails out of a Tim Burton movie.”


3 thoughts on “How to do a striped nail design perfectly straight

  1. Nagelf

    I always seem to have a hard time on deciding which nail design to use, sometimes it can take me hours to decide. I usually try changing my nail designs at least twice a month.

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