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Chanel’s newest, hottest Jade green nailpolish

September 11, 2009

I wish I signed up early for the manicures taking place at Chanel last night. Rows of manicurists were treating women to the official launch of Chanel’s newest Jade green nail color at Fashion’s Night Out.

Chanel Jade nail polish

Chanel Jade nail polish

The shade made it’s debut on Chanel’s Fall 2009 runways. It was a pretty pastel mint color. One of the lucky girls kindly let me take a picture of her nails getting done.



The 407 Jade polish will be out in October, but expect to wait a while to get your hands on a bottle. I hear buzz that the color is already super high in demand. The lucky ones got dibs on being the very first ones to purchase it at the Chanel store last night, but they were fresh out by the time I get there.

I’m lusting after it already.

Katie taking a picture of me taking a picture

Katie taking a picture of me taking a picture

yaay for Iphones?

yaay for Iphones?


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