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TEMPTU Airbrush makeup for home hits Sephora TODAY!

September 15, 2009

Temptu hits Sephora TODAY

Temptu hits Sephora TODAY

Alright beauty insiders, if you haven’t already heard the buzz about TEMPTU — the at home airbrush makeup system — then you may have been living under a rock.
The line was formerly a strictly professional line which launched in 1981 and is now available to consumers for the very first time.

I went to a launch event TEMPTU with the makers, and here are some of my notes!

When I first walked in, they had stations set up with makeup artists where you can get you airbrush done. Naturally, I though this meant they would apply the makeup on me. But when I walked up to one station, the makeup artist asked that I just give it a go. Mind you, I’ve never used, nor have had airbrush makeup applied to me, so to say I was a bit intimidated is an understatement.

Temptu Airbrush Makeup

Temptu Airbrush Makeup

The Temptu system comes with a small black air compressor that’s connected to the actual air brush, a pen-like wand. You attach an individual Air Pod of your matching foundation (which is basically a pre-filled pod of foundation) to the tip and you’re ready to go. The Air Pod is great because you won’t have to keep refilling, and each lasts 1-2 months with regular use.

The compressor also has air settings, so you can control how much air is coming out, hence how much coverage you want (from light to heavy). Additionally, the air brush itself has a small lever which you pull back on with your finger to start applying the makeup. The further back you pull, the more makeup comes out.

Under the makeup artist’s direction, I started applying and made a novice mistake — I held it too close to my face and was spreading it in tiny circles which leads to an uneven application. I tried again, and this time a little farther away and in moving circles. The second time was a charm.

I would say the only thing to get used to is that since the color matches your skin so well, it’s hard to even see it going on. But very little goes a long way, and the end result (should be, if applied correctly) a super smooth, even finish. It was gorgeous actually.

Temptu demo

Temptu demo

Next, they had a live demo of a professional makeup artist airbrushing a model next to two HD TVs so the audience could see the difference. It’s a very gradual change, but you could not even tell she was wearing any makeup in the end.

A breakdown of Temptu’s features:

  • Comes with an ergonomically designed air brush
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Hygenic and easy to maintain
  • Works worldwide with a universal adapter
  • Temptu is partnering exclusively with Sephora, where there will be Temptu stations and makeup artists at hand to teach you how to use the system
  • Prices: $225 for the actual airbrush system; $55 for 2 Air Pod foundation which lasts a couple months; $30 for blush, and $35 for a highlighter.
  • There is also a Re-touch Foundation stick that you can take on the go, which is $47 for a tube of your foundation, and a Re-Touch Powder that will retail for $43
  • Click HERE to buy or check it out further at Sephora.

    Is it for you?
    The obvious point is that this is a pricey toy to have. It’s best for makeup aficionados, artists, or people who are constantly out and about. You also may want to look into it if traditional liquid or powder foundations are just not cutting it, since I found the color match to be amazing. Unless you wear makeup everyday, I’m sure it will last you well beyond 2 months. And you have to shell out $225 just once, and build on your collection for a fraction of the price after that.

    I’m going to do two more parts to this write up: I will also review my first stab at Luminess Air, another FANTASTIC airbrush makeup kit. Part III will be a comparison of the two, and more on who really needs airbrush makeup.

    Fun stuff.


    8 thoughts on “TEMPTU Airbrush makeup for home hits Sephora TODAY!

    1. sidrah

      oooh you got to try it. i was at sephora yesterday and just tried the retouch foundation and thought it came out real nice. might invest in that since its way cheaper and doesn’t look complicated to apply.

    2. giogirl

      i have tried both Temptu and Luminess Air and Luminess doesnt even compete. its sticky, hard to use and you have to clean it, unlike Temptu

    3. shyema Post author

      Sidrah, I didn’t think of that — it’s a good compromise if you don’t want the whole system.

      Giogirl, definitely pros and cons to both I think!

    4. naila

      I tried the temptu at sephora the other day and i lovedddd it!!! it came out soo good i couldn’t believe i had foundation all over my face. he also did contouring with some light and dark shades and put on some just looked soo natural and had a glow to it that foundation usually doesn’t give you, and of course it felt really cool with the air on my face when he was doing it…i took a picture of myself and could definitely see the difference, i loved how even and healthy my skin looked.. i kind of want it!!! but not sure if im ready to spend all that.. is the re touch foundation stick just a regular foundation stick? i didn’t see that when i went, but i want to check it out now..

    5. shyema Post author

      Yeah it’s great isn’t it?? The foundation stick is just the same foundation in a tube applicator with a brush on the tip…it doesn’t come out the same but it’s just what it said it’s for — retouching throughout the night, so it’s compact and light enough to carry with you when you leave the house

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