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Vintage nail polish colors

September 28, 2009

At least that’s how I like to describe Sabeen’s latest nail experimentation.

sabeen green taupe

We recently went to Urban Outfitters and found a line of nail polish with some really interesting variation of colors — grays, neon yellow, brown, greens etc. They didn’t have a brand name and each shade was only assigned a number. The only place I could find anything on it was this Canadian blog.

Urban Outfitters nail polish Credit:

Urban Outfitters nail polish Credit:

Anyway, I promise there’s a point to this story: Sabeen used the bright green color from that line and her beloved Sephora by OPI Under My Trench Coat to make this design here.

The thing about the Urban Outfitters nail polish is a few things:

Good things:

  • The line has a lot of unique colors
  • The finish is virtually chip-free
  • It has a SUPER shiny finish
  • They’re a reasonable $8 each
  • Not so good things:

  • It takes multiple coats to make them opaque
  • I’ll have to find out if the line has an actual name or not, but I believe they should be at all Urban stores.


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