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French politicians push for health warnings on airbrushed photos

October 5, 2009

Photos like this could have warning labels in France soon  Photo: AP

Photos like this could have warning labels in France soon Photo: AP

Looks like Dove isn’t the only one in the fight against false images of female beauty. Have you guys heard about this: About 50 politicians in France are pushing for a new law on airbrushed photos used in publicity campaigns in order to improve the self-image of women and prevent illnesses like bulimia and annorexia.

According to the Telegraph article, “Campaigning MP Valerie Boyer, of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party, said the wording should read: ‘Retouched photograph aimed at changing a person’s physical appearance.'”

They are proposing fines of 30,000 pounds for those who break the law. Read the rest of the article here.

What do you guys think of the proposal? Do you think it will help improve the self-image of women by adding a warning label? I think it’s a step in the right direction. Thoughts?


PS: I’m still alive..just traveling a bit…with no laptop which will make updating a little difficult. Will be back with lots of lovely and delicious findings I hope!! Until then..

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