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Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi cut my hair…

October 21, 2009

Warren-Tricomi Blow Dry Lotion

Warren-Tricomi Blow Dry Lotion

…and it was heavenly.

So, back story: I had a brief stint with straight-across bangs. Growing it out was just as difficult as everyone promised me it’d be. I thought my awkward in-between stage would last a lifetime, but I now learned that when you’re in the hands of the right stylist, they can fix just about anything.

I made my way to the Warren-Tricomi Salon in the Plaza Hotel. And this salon is impressive: outfitted all in white with sleek massaging chairs while you get your hair washed after you pick from your choice of tea or coffee.

Edward Tricomi is known for his signature precise dry-cutting technique, so after I got my hair washed, I went straight to get it blow-dried. Initially, I wanted a glaze, but in the interest of time, his assistant said she’ll use the brand’s Blow Dry Lotion ($15) which not only eases frizz, it makes your hair really shiny without feeling greasy.

I can get used to this...

I can get used to this...

While waiting for Tricomi, a masseuse who is walking around the salon asks if I want a massage. I politely decline, but he just smiles and says, “No, you want a massage.” Well then…don’t mind if I do. He asks me to relax and close my eyes while he gave me the best shoulder massage I’ve had in a while. I almost didn’t notice that Tricomi had already crept up behind us, ready to cut. He had come in from the set of The Tyra Show that day helping do makeovers!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to ask for just a trim, thinking it might insult the master stylist, but he was all ears when I was explaining to him how I’m just trying to grow out my hair. He shook his head: “You should stay away from bangs. Your face is small and your hair is big, and you’ll just get lost in them.” OK. Point taken.

Me and Edward Tricomi posing for my iPhone

Me and Edward Tricomi posing for my iPhone

He tells me I need to grow out my bangs further but he’ll style it so my they blend in more. I couldn’t believe how fast and precise he was snipping away.

At the end of the day, after a concert, and taken in the bathroom -- this is the best I could do people

At the end of the day, after a concert, and taken in the bathroom -- this is the best I could do people

The end result: defined layers and bangs that were actually listening to me for the first time in months! He promised my hair won’t ‘grow out’ but just keep morphing into a better style…one of the many reasons people drop the money that they do for a session with him. And I totally get why The City‘s Whitney Port gets her hair done here. Ain’t nothing wrong with getting pampered once in a while…

Salon Info:
Warren-Tricomi Salon

The Plaza Hotel
One West 58th Street, Floor 2
New York, NY 10019


7 thoughts on “Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi cut my hair…

  1. Erica Sung

    omg the hair looks soo good!! how did he cut your hair exactly? i need to get a hair cut soon and my hair is soo long and bland lol it looks awessoem!

  2. shyema Post author

    Thanks Erica! He did it so fast and cut it dry, going section by section. Just make sure your stylist knows what you want and ALSO what’s going to work with your face..I think that’s most important. Bringing in pictures of what you want is always a good idea too :)

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