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Burgers at RARE, NYC

October 25, 2009

So, yes. Burgers.

I’ve been craving them like no other since I came back from Europe. Burgers and fries. So American of me.

One place I have yet to try but have been hearing mixed reviews — people seem to either love it or hate it — is Rare.

One of my friends who sides himself with the more favorable of these reviews sent me pictures of what we’re talking about here:

The Mexican burger, $15

The Mexican burger, $15

His friend who ordered The Mexican burger above (chipotle spread, black bean spread, guacamole) said it was on the spicier side.

Murray's Cheeseburger (picture attempt, FAIL), $15

Murray's Cheeseburger (picture attempt, FAIL), $15

He got the cheeseburger (above), adding that they gets their cheese from Murray’s Cheese Shop in the Meatpacking District, which is self-proclaimed as NY’s “oldest and best cheese shop.”

Though maybe because I’m a fries fiend, I thought this fries basket was most impressive.

French Fry Tasting Basket, $10

French Fry Tasting Basket, $10


For $10, you get the original fries, shoe string fries and cottage fries and three dipping sauces along with the ketchup (chipotle mayo, special bbq sauce, and aioli sauce). Price including drinks with tip totaled to about $32/person.

I asked him for the succinct summary of his experience:

“Cons: greasy, brioche buns are not for burgers, expensive; Pros: unhealthy, tasty, great fries and the sauces were excellent. Cute waitress.”

Restaurant Info:
Rare Bar & Grill

(in the Shelbourne Hotel)
303 Lexington Ave.
btw 37th & 38th St
New York, NY 10016
Murray Hill

228 Bleecker St
at 6th Ave & Carmine St
New York, NY 10014
Greenwich Village


4 thoughts on “Burgers at RARE, NYC

  1. Fatima

    omg! One of my fave burger places to go to in the city!! Love the fry basket, we always get that when we have a group. We’ve never had a bad experience there, other than having to wait on a Friday night.. lol

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