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Hot pink may not be a fall color…

October 26, 2009

But I can’t help smiling every time I wear Pink Lust by Color Club.

My fellow nail polish aficionado, Sabeen, took me to Harmon, a local beauty supplier. She actually insisted we go after her initial shock from learning I had no idea what Harmon was (hey, it’s not my fault we don’t have them in Chi-town!). But it’s where I came across a whole batch of fun neon colors by Color Club, so I have to thank her :) .


The Color Club polishes are only $2 and the quality is amazing. This shade of shocking hot pink just makes me happy since I’m usually wearing darker clothes. I’ll be donning it for the rest of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Pink Lust by Color Club, $2

Pink Lust by Color Club, $2

Which nail polish color makes YOU happy?


2 thoughts on “Hot pink may not be a fall color…

  1. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I used to wear hot pink nail polish all the time, and people called me an 80s fob. :( NOT TRUE. It’s not like I had lipstick to match. Bright colors make me happy in general…be it pink, lilac or that LA Sunset by Chanel I showed you a while back.

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