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Wanna try Perfume Diaries’ Bare Skin perfume?

October 26, 2009

Giveaway alert/Reader Appreciation Day (why not?):

I just received a sample of Leslie Blodgett’s premiere perfume, Bare Skin, from her Perfume Diaries line, and have a few more to spare Just.For.You.

Who says it doesn’t pay to read BATF? :)


On first whiff, I thought it was a lot muskier than I had imagined…I thought I could make out the bottom notes of sandalwood quite easily. I like scents that are a little more floral myself, but if you like fragrances that start off strong and gets sweeter as it settles, this could be more your taste.

SO. I have four vials to give away, and since they are small (.05 fl oz each), the two winners will receive two each.

Just leave a comment here, and I’ll draw two names by the end of the day at random (so you have til midnight tonight, 10/26!).

Easy as pie.

Only US Residents please. Will notify the winner via email so make sure you leave your primary email in the appropriate field when you comment!


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5 thoughts on “Wanna try Perfume Diaries’ Bare Skin perfume?

  1. sidrah

    oooh i’m more into floral fragrances and right now i’m in love with very hollywood by michael kors. but who doesn’t love free stuff, count me in 😉

  2. Chris A

    Hey, I’ve been looking for a new scent but hate to keep buying bottles and then find out I’m not that crazy about it! I love Sunflowers but can’t find lotion or powder anymore.

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