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Can we talk about Whitney’s AWKWARD blind date last night on The City?

November 18, 2009

Whitney on her date from hell

Whitney on her date from hell

Ok guys. Just humor me for a second.

All those fake reality MTV shows are my guilty pleasures (started with Laguna…then The Hills)…and The City is my favorite. Anyone watch last night?



So, to catch up the rest of you who watch shows with more substance, basically, Whitney goes on a blind date with a fashionista (Patrick) who works at Bergdorf’s (he refers to Louis Vuitton as LV, comments on her ‘bling’ once she sits down…you get it).

At the end of what was an epic fail of a date, he gets the bill and says, “Let’s join forces.”

I’m with the rest of you if you just cringed.

Then he adds, “Yeah, let’s team up.” Whitney tried to control her laughter and proceeded to split the check with him.

Talk about awkward ways to get a girl to split the check with you. Not that I think it’s wrong to expect that much, but on the first blind date? I think girls should offer at the very least, but the way he said it just made it worse.

Just wondering if you thought there was a better way he could have handled it. How do you split the bill, or would you? Any similar stories you’re willing to share? Because that was so disastrous and all too entertaining at the same time.


9 thoughts on “Can we talk about Whitney’s AWKWARD blind date last night on The City?

  1. kristen

    where is this guy from Cumming, GA??? Oh yeah wait, he is….. I went to high school with this awkward turtle. patrick jasin

  2. Shoaib

    Wait i don’t get it. He made her laugh you said (i didn’t watch the show) so how is that a fail??

    p.s. i’m totally using that join forces line on my next date.

  3. Sunehra

    That guy was SO weird! I would’ve totally left the date mid-way haha.

    BTW, ever notice how they always show Whitney coming out of a subway? That’s such BS!

  4. punk92

    Good for him. Bad dates go both ways. After a bad date, he doesn’t have to be polite in asking to split the check. He basically said: We’re splitting this, bitch. Thanks for nothing. Facial! She got burned, that’s all it was.

  5. Sarah

    we know this kid….he had a girlfriend and they both thought it would be hilarious to go on the show. so that’s why he is acting like a total d-bag. his name is patrick jasin

  6. Dane Clement

    Whitney has money to spare, she can afford to split the check. He handled it like a G, well done sir.

  7. Charles

    If I was this Patrick guy I would use the words of Dr. Dre, “If y’all don’t like me, blow me.” I am sure they edited the footage to make it look worse than it was and what person is going to pick up the bill for someone who is rich and boring?

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