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Veggie hot dogs at F&B güdtfood

November 18, 2009

Roaming in Chelsea

Roaming in Chelsea

Oh, hello there.

Erm. So, I guess I’m into healthy fast food these days, because that’s where I keep ending up. This time, it was on the suggestion of mi amiga Katie that we stop by F&B güdtfood in Chelsea.

F&B gudtfood

F&B gudtfood

“F&B” actually stands for Frites and Beignets. The story goes that the owners (one who is German, the other who is English) missed their fast food grubbin in Europe and decided to bring a piece of it stateside.

The inside is pretty zen with light blue walls and purple orchids hanging in vases above the tables, which I wouldn’t necessarily expect from a place that primarily serves up hot dogs. But I like.

I don’t think I’d ever go for meat hot dogs myself unless it’s some home grillin’. So here, we stuck to the veggie dogs, which are actually made from smoked tofu. Deliciousness.

Veggie healthy dog, $3.50

Veggie healthy dog, $3.50

Veggie Prairie Dog, $3.50

Veggie Prairie Dog, $3.50

The “healthy dog” is just topped with hummus, sliced carrots, and black olives; the “prairie dog” had a Mexican twist with guacamole, tomatoes, cheese, and salsa. Both were really good, but the prairie dog was tastier. They were served on a healthy wheat bun, and next time I have to see if they can toast them too because I thought the bread could have been better.

BUT, oh, if you love truffle oil (I do, I do!), get the truffle fries! I mean. Half the place’s name is “frites” so you might as well do it right.

Truffle Fries, $3.50

Truffle Fries, $3.50

For a hot dog, fries, and a drink (which I got…fresh lemonade not pictured), you pay only $7.65; otherwise most of the food is between $3-$5.

Restaurant Info:
F&B güdtfood

269 West 23rd St.
(between 7th & 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10011


6 thoughts on “Veggie hot dogs at F&B güdtfood

  1. Shaifa

    would you recommend this to non tofu lovers? i’ve never tried smoked tofu…?

    i’m always on the hunt for quality vegetarian food in the city… thanks, i’m going to make a note of this one! also, have you ever tried GOBO? If not, I highly suggest it! :)

  2. Nada

    ewwy. The whole point of a hot dog is that its meaty and ambiguous, covered in a delicious slathering of acidic/salty condiments.

    side note, we went past Coney Island on sunday and passed Nathans. Asad goes “Hey Nathans! I wonder if that’s the real one… oh” and notices the big sign above the store that reads “THE ORIGINAL NATHANS”

    we were going to try a dog but got lazy waiting in line. The smell of grease and salt was intoxicating though. mmm mmm heart disease.

  3. shyema Post author

    I know I know guys…I just can’t get myself to eat meat hot dogs from any type of fast food place!

    Nada, I want to write a whole POST on these ridiculous food lines in NY and if they’re really worth it.

    Shaifa, I’m not a huge tofu fan either, but I’d say the difference is this is probably a tad more chewy, not really greasy (or as filling). More clean bites, but doesn’t taste like you’re eating tofu that’s for sure. The bread could definitely be better but I thought the prairie dog was pretty tasty. The hummus one was almost ‘too’ healthy tasting.

    Haven’t heard of Gobo though, let’s go? :)

  4. ayesha

    you’re a good sell, shy. i’m thinking of walking over right now. i see that place almost everyday but never stepped in.
    yay for more chelsea posts!! :)

  5. shyema Post author

    hahahaha yeah I’m in Chelsea a lot these days huh?? We need to grab something together soon, haven’t seen you in way too long!

  6. shyema Post author

    oh and if you go, make sure to ask them to toast the bread…hopefully they’ll oblige. i don’t like mushy bread myself.

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