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I miss everything in Berlin, especially the food.

November 19, 2009

I recently went to Berlin for a couple of days, and in retrospect, I don’t think any of the food I had were signature “German” dishes. My new friend Nina, who took us around, said they’re big on sausage. I don’t eat sausage, so this was a problem.

We were staying in the Mitte area of the city, and the first night we stopped in a place called Courage Cafe. Cheesy name, I know, but the food was SO tasty that it totally made up for that fact.


Spinach feta quiche

Spinach feta quiche

Most delicious chicken wings ever served with potato wedges

Most delicious chicken wings ever served with potato wedges

The chicken wings were served with salsa and ranch dipping sauces and came with a side salad and light vinaigrettes.

And the music they were playing there, kind of like the tunes they were playing at so many places, was AWESOME — on our visit here they were switching between mixes of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to some French tunes of what I remember.

The next day, we did a tour around the city (which by the way, if a city in Europe is offering one of the free city tours from NEW EUROPE...DO IT…they are seriously the best and have the most vivacious and fun tour guides. They were easily way better than the tours we actually paid for).

Anyway, on our Berlin tour, we passed by this amazing chocolate wonderland, Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers, that I had to go back and stop by after our tour. The window displays are all monuments and buildings made entirely of chocolate. When you walk in, the smell of chocolate is just intoxicating. They even have a chocolate volcano erupting with chocolate syrup. I wish I could have dived in but the sign said no nibbling.

A chocolate Titanic

A chocolate Titanic

Upset I couldn't dive into these -- especially the chocolate volcano

Upset I couldn't dive into these -- especially the chocolate volcano

Finally, random, but we also had thai food. And actually, it was the only time I had thai food throughout our whole trip but it was yummy and worth mentioning. This place was
Moon Thai
also in Mitte.



Service was phenom, but even better is that it’s right across an old junkyard that was turned into an art space that you can visit after your meal.





If you have any restaurant suggestions in Berlin, please share…because…um…I want to go back…or kinda live there…or something.

Restaurants Info:

Courage Cafe
Saarbrücker Str. 17
Ecke Kollwitzstr.
10405 Berlin
Prenzlauer Berg
U2 Station Senefelderplatz
+49 30 41716859

Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers
Charlottenstraße 60
10117 Berlin
+49 (0)30 – 20 45 84 43

Moon Thai

Oranienburge Str. 46-47
10117 Berlin
+49 (0)30 – 280 4 77 92


2 thoughts on “I miss everything in Berlin, especially the food.

  1. Sabrina

    I lived in Germany for three years! Miss and love everything about the entire place. Named my fish Berlin because *that’s* how much I love it there. But my fish is dead. And reading your post made me remember that I don’t live in Germany anymore, and that my fish is dead. I hope you’re happy.

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