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Couple gets arrested for not tipping

November 23, 2009

Next time you’re thinking of leaving a restaurant without tipping, just remember you can get arrested…sort of.

A couple were arrested in Philly for refusing to pay a mandatory 18% gratuity of their $73 bill at a local because they said the service was lousy.

Tipping — such a sensitive issue. I guess every penny counts even more so in this case because they were college students.

I just tip the bare minimum when the service sucks and make a mental note to avoid that restaurant and tell others to if it was REALLY bad.

How do you handle poor service?


4 thoughts on “Couple gets arrested for not tipping

  1. Shoaib

    I went to mama mexico last week in midtown for a friend’s bday. The waiters were super rude and didn’t take our order till we asked them. They didn’t sing happy bday for our table but they did for another table! How messed up is that. They just decided they didn’t like us. The food was super salty and they were just generally dicks. Then they charged a 20% gratuity. So messed up that tips are required now..

  2. sidrah

    speaking of tips..i wish there was a guideline on which professionals have to be tipped and which don’t. some people tip gas station people, some don’t. what are the rules? i guess this only applies to NJ coz we don’t have self service. thank god!

  3. Shoaib

    Are you supposed to tip NJ attendants? I don’t..because I figured it’s factored into the price of the gas. My dad gives them a quarter which I think is worse than nothing at all.

  4. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I know it’s a sensitive issue, and I never go without leaving a tip, but I also tip the minimum when the service sucks. I’ve had friends who say they worked as a waiter/waitress and talk about how it sucks and you have to be understanding, but the way I see it is if you don’t know how to handle the stress or your obnoxious customers, you shouldn’t be in the service industry. There are plenty of other jobs that pay the same hourly wage, if not more, and don’t involve you to interact with the general public. And if you do it for the tips, then being rude flat out defeats the purpose.

    I don’t know, I just can’t put up with people who are unnecessarily rude. It’s one thing if a place is busy, it’s another when they have a total disregard for their customers.

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