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Cafe Reggio in Greenwich Village

November 30, 2009

Cafe Reggio is said to be the oldest coffeehouse in Greenwich Village. Dating back to 1927, history seems to have trapped itself in the sometimes claustrophobic dimly-lit cafe.

The restaurant is decorated heavily with Renaissance art paintings. At the far back of the cafe sits the monstrous original espresso machine, which I learned later was once the pride and joy of the original owner, Domenico Parisi, who was said to not let anyone operate it but himself.

The Italian dishes are pretty standard, but the great thing is the portions are just right without going overboard, and the prices are very reasonable.

My favorite is the Ravioli Pesto ($5.50), which always does the job filling me up.



The Pasta Campagnola with sauteed zucchini and garli is also really good — add chicken for an extra $2 because it’s worth it.



And if you visit Reggio, you have to get a coffee drink. I ordered a latte on my last visit and it was divine.

Restaurant Info:
Cafe Reggio

119 MacDougal Street
New York, NY 10012
btw Minetta and W. 3rd St.
Greenwich Village


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