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What’s your shiny hair secret?

December 3, 2009

Clairol Nice 'N Easy ColorSeal Gloss

Clairol Nice 'N Easy ColorSeal Gloss

Recently, my friend Nada shared her glossy hair secret: Clairol Nice ‘n Easy ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss.

My first thought: It’s from haircolor brand Nice ‘n Easy, so would I have to buy a whole coloring kit to get the conditioner?

I found out later that this final step in the hair color kit was Clairol’s most sought-after secret gem (seriously, people called it a ‘miracle’ weekly conditioning treatment), that they decided to sell it separately two years ago!

So, I asked Nada to break it down and tell us what she loves best about it:

  • Affordable (only $4)
  • Easy to find, available at most drugstores
  • It not only glossifies your hair (yes I made that word up), it makes it more manageable and protects your hair color
  • Only takes two nickel-sized dollops and 2 minutes to get serious hair commercial results
  • In a nutshell: “It’s one of those cheap lil wonders…you don’t have to always buy the pricey brands to get good hair.”

    Ok I just love practical product recommendations like this. Just makes me salivate thinking about it.

    My own favorite shiny hair product post to come…but in the mean time, what’s yours?


    4 thoughts on “What’s your shiny hair secret?

    1. sidrah

      i always rinse my hair with ice cold water at the end and i definitely think it helps lock in the shine from the products, whether its shampoo or conditioner. i read this tip in a magazine like years ago and religiously do it. not gonna lie, its painful in the winter.

    2. Nada

      btw I spent more time than was necessary trying to figure out how to spell manageable, n u know how when u stare at a word too long it loses meaning? right now its lookin like mangy beagle

    3. Jess B.

      ive colored my hair A LOT and my favorite part is the conditioner they give with it bc its soo moisturizing and leaves hair so light and like nada said the key word Manageable! so excited that they sell it separately n cheap! thanks!

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