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Winter hair tips from new Chicago salon, Sparrow

December 21, 2009


New Chicago salon, Sparrow, located in Logan Square, has been creating buzz since owners Bathsheba Nemerovski and Susan Flaga opened its doors earlier this year. Already receiving praise from The New York Times, Chicago Reader, and InStyle, the salon also has their own indie following, including artists and musicians like Wilco frontman, Jeff Tweedy.

After leaving Sine Qua Non salon where they met, they stumbled upon a 120-year-old building, and former barbershop space.

Stylist and co-owner of Sparrow, Susan Flaga

Stylist and co-owner of Sparrow, Susan Flaga

Stylist and co-owner of Sparrow, Bathsheba Nemerovski

Stylist and co-owner of Sparrow, Bathsheba Nemerovski

“I don’t know what made Susan call the number in the front because this place really wasn’t anything to look at,” Nemerovski said. “It was really old and decrepit. We called it the murder hole.

‘But we saw the tin ceiling and the brick wall, and we realized there was potential in the space and location.”

“That was it,” Flaga adds. “From there it was just like, Let’s go.”

Combining the vintage elements they found in the shambles (including a salon chair that was part of the old babershop) and adding on their own new fixtures (chandeliers and hand-made wall dividers), they seemed to transform the space using a philosophy similar to their approach to hair: working with natural textures to create a more updated, modern style.

“We cater to people looking for low-maintenance cuts,” says Nemerovski. “We’re not a downtown salon interested in doing crazy, angled Vidal Sassoon looks.”

“We really consider what people look like, and even the sense of balance and shape of the face,” says Flaga, “That’s our priority.”

Sparrow exclusively carries UMI as well as Kevin.Murphy products

Sparrow exclusively carries UMI as well as Kevin.Murphy products

And who better to ask to give us their best winter hair care tips than seasoned stylists who live and breathe the (cold!) Windy City? Here are some of Bathsheba’s and Susan’s favorite winter tips and products:

  • Use a heat protecting leave-in before blow drying or flat ironing, such as Kevin.Murphy Leave-In Protection, and prolong your blowdry by using a dry shampoo, like Umi Powder.
  • Beat winter static with Kevin Murphy’s delicious “Staying Alive” . “This Super light spray conditioner not only seems to repair damaged or color-treated hair, it has the most fantastic smell ever! ever!” says Flaga. “It’s so versatile, I use it on every head.”
  • Use a clarifying shampoo to remove impurities once a week. Follow with a moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner such as Kevin.Murphy Born Again. Your dry winter hair will feel much better, ” says Nemerovski.
  • For healthy, shiny hair, use argan oil. “Moroccan oil is really blowing my mind right now. I still don’t understand it, but this thick combination of oils, including linseed and argan oil, makes even the finest hair weightlessly silky and straight,” says Flaga. “It’s also perfect for effortlessly taming course, wild manes.”
  • The key to adding volume is a mix of the right products and how you blowdry. “Use a thickening product and blow drying up from the root I use a paddle brush wrap hair around head, instead of going insane with a round brush — it’s a lot easier than just going crazy with a round brush.” advises Nemrovski. “I also love Umi Foam (we’re the only salon in Chicago that carries it). It’s not only super volumizing, but also very moisturizing.
  • Salon Info:

    2545 N. Milwaukee Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60647
    Logan Square

    Price range: Men’s cuts, $56; Women’s cuts $66; Single process color, $80+; Highlights, $100+.


    All photos by Shyema Azam

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    1. Mona

      Moroccan oil really is amazing. My hair is naturally really curly but really thin and it seems to do the trick. The only downside is that I tend to go through pricey bottle really quickly.

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