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Dancing makes you hungry

December 24, 2009


Happy Holidays people!! Hope everyone is having a lovely break right now.

So, I’m in Chicago for a family wedding, and everyone’s in super dance practice mode. Which basically means I have all of 1.5 days to learn my parts. Story of my life.

ANYWAY. My friend Shafaq knows just what motivates me, so she sent me a pic of her post-practice meal:



A (healthy) midnight snack of sliced asiago peppercorn sour dough bread, scrambled eggs and turkey, topped vine ripe tomatoes cooked on the stove and sprinkled with basil, olive oil, and chalula Mexican sauce; side of arugula with balsamic vinegarette.

I think I’m ready for a second round :)

I know she is…

Guess. just guess.


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