Inspiration of the Day

Inspiration of the Day: Frank Sinatra

December 31, 2009

Frank Sinatra

So my sister-in-law’s sister just got married last weekend in Chicago (Congrats Uzi and Kamran!), and she is big Frank Sinatra fan.

In the choreographed dance for the mehndhi day (typically a day or two right before the actual ceremony in Indian and Pakistani weddings, where friends and family plan dances from the bride and groom’s side), my sister and sister-in-law added a Frank Sinatra song in the dance medley, and since then it’s just been stuck in my head!

So this is the slower version than what they used, but still classic.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration of the Day: Frank Sinatra

  1. shyema Post author

    Oh yeah!! Once me and fatty were talking about this girl who grew up in Rome…and we’re like wait we’re talking about the same person 😀

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