SO what do you guys think of BATF’s makeover??

December 31, 2009


I’ve been promising this re-design forever, but so happy it’s finally here! Many, many thanks to Ashley of Bella Cosa Design who has been working tirelessly designing and putting this all together!

And also Shoaib for his moral (and tech) support. You’re kinda awesome.

SO! What do you guys think?? As you can probably tell, there are a lot more features, and a few more tweaks to be made (I’ll give you guys the whole tour later), but still excited to hear your initial feedback!


13 thoughts on “SO what do you guys think of BATF’s makeover??

  1. Sheba Khan

    I really like the textured background! The brand logo is tight! I love that you incorporated the old brand logo/symbol of the girl’s hair and shadow… your readers wont be confused this way.

    I have nothing but love for this Shyema! I am truely blown away by your talent!

  2. sidrah

    wow it looks amazing. i miss the old logo as well. it looked just like you. i’m guessing that was intentional? either way, i loved it!

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